Upcycling Clothes.

« Hola Pipa is a duo
Our creative team had a lot of fun submerging their ideas together as a team. For our first piece, the axis of reflection therefore naturally focused on the idea of superposition.
The idea was to create a unique piece, that you don't come across everyday. From this desire sprang - The Skirt Trousers- unique, explosive and surprising trousers. Our creations are based on an economically responsible fashion approach. The pieces are made by hand and produced on demand in a small workshop near Paris. The sourced materials come from scraps of quality fabric, we don’t have all the informations about the fabrics.
New materials and colors are planned for future pants.
In order not to overproduce and in the logical continuation of our responsible approach, we will start these new pieces according to the flow of the ones already created. »